Mosaic advice from Fashionistas on TV?

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Mosaic General, Rodin

Mosaics are one of the few things that can hold my attention totally for hours.  Getting lost in a piece and being excited by watching it come to life is a fantastic feeling.  I’ve been working on Rodin but wasn’t terribly happy, that fantastic feeling had faded uber-fast.

French school started again, so time is now a bit less free.  I was coming home each day, then dreading working on him.  He wasn’t fun, he had boring colors, he was a chore.

One day as I ate my lunch there was an episode of What Not to Wear on TV.  It is where someone who has a horrible wardrobe goes to NYC and given money and stylists to aid them in looking better.  On this day a woman had a very boring all brown wardrobe, totally dull.  The stylists while helping her pick out new things asked her each time – does it bring you joy?  They told her everything she wore had to bring her joy, make her smile, be happy about wearing it.

As I trudged in to work on Rodin I thought – he is not bringing me joy.  I am bored with him, bored with the dull colors, he looks good but the work itself isn’t fun.

It isn’t like mosaics are my job, this is a hobby – it is my goal to improve and see where it goes – but for now it is something for me to do for pleasure.  I decided to take the fashion stylists advice – if it isn’t bringing you joy, don’t wear it.   So I took him off, for now Rodin is back in the closet.  He isn’t being given up on – just temporarily put away for awhile so I can go work on something else that piques my interest a bit more and brings joy.

Stay tuned, I’ve got new project ideas picked out, and some new stuff will be posted next week!

  1. Diana says:

    Just remember to take him out of the closet occasionally and try him on to see if he still “fits”!


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