Have you ever felt like pummeling your partner?

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Life Ramblings, Mosaic General
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There is a new rule in our house, my significant other is no longer allowed to touch the mosaics.

To be fair, he was originally trying to help out.  He takes amazing photographs, understands all the settings and has patience for setting up a shot, stuff I have no patience for.  I’m an auto-focus, click it and move on type of gal.

Remember the Cherry Blossom Tree?  Of course you do, it was just a couple weeks ago.  Frustrated by my horrible picture taking, he wanted to take some final shots for me.    I gave it to him and followed behind to observe.  He kept moving it around then all the sudden, the worst thing ever, he knocked the chair he had it on and it went flying up into the air.  I gasped but was too far away to do anything – it flipped over and over and landed on the hard deck – SMACK! – face down.  Thankfully it was not damaged, a dent occurred in the backing wood – but likely a dent only I will ever notice.

Of course he is mortified, and apologizes tons.  But a few minutes later he knocks the chair again, thankfully this time the mosaic does not fall all the way off,  but we cease taking pictures.

Fast forward to this past weekend.

Sunday afternoon, he wants to help me take some “in-progress” pictures of Rodin.  Often when working I cut pieces and arrange them on the board in zones – like color zones, or certain pieces are triangles and are grouped together for future use, or I like a piece I’ve cut but am not ready to set it because I want to think on it a bit more.  All these pieces are loose, laying around the board – can you see where this is going?

Not happy with taking a picture of Rodin flat on the kitchen island where it was safe – it gets moved over near a window and balanced on the sill so he can have some natural light.  A minute later, Rodin is bumped hard while setting up another shot, thankfully he isn’t completely dropped, but like Olympic trampoline champions – all those little pieces that were arranged for future use went FLYING up up and into the air!  Gasp!!  Twisting and turning, I watch helplessly as they hit the floor – then heard many of them tinkle down the air vent never to be seen again.

Apologies abound.  He was just trying to help after all.  I started giggling – he’s lucky I’m so nice about this – and lovingly tell him, that is it – he is not allowed to touch the mosaics ever ever again.

  1. I sympathise. One of my finished mosaics fell from the rusty nail it had been hanging from – a bad hanging choice by the recipient. The tesserae and backing board are now two separate elements. I have been asked to repair it and can do so, but don’t really have the heart for it.


  2. Diana says:

    Love that story. I feel for both of you. Oh the agony of watching your hard work go down the vent.


  3. I can appreciate your pain, that has happened to me too…and how lucky your partner is to have someone as forgiving as you…:-)


  4. Angela says:

    Poor thing. lol


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