Who doesn’t love Rodin!

Well, maybe some of you out there don’t love Rodin, but thanks to my High School French Teacher who introduced me to him, I gained a healthy love for his work.  Earlier this year I was in Paris, and finally on this visit I was able to go to the Rodin museum and gardens.  It was spectacular, just loved it, loved seeing the huge Thinker and the Gates of Hell in their giant glory in the garden.   The timing of this visit was great too as a special exhibit of some of his drawings were on display that aren’t usually out.

Anyways – years ago, I saw this pic below of Rodin on the French museums’ website.  It really grabbed me, and I took it to a mosaic portraiture class in 2009 thinking maybe I could mosaic it.  The class ended up using different materials for the portraits, but I kept my Rodin photo for future use.  Finally the time has come and hopefully he’ll turn out well.

He’s going to be put on Wediboard, I’ve already cut out the circle shape, it is 12″ in diameter.  Then Rodin himself will made with Vitreous Glass.  Would love to use Smalti but it is expensive and I can’t afford to use it all the time, so Vitreous Glass it is for Rodin.  Hopefully he’ll approve of the end result.  🙂

Keep checking back in with us to see him come to life!


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