Sometimes it’s the little things

Have you ever made small little discoveries that make life exponentially happier?   The past few days have led to 2 of these for me in terms of mosaic and a few others in terms of life.

Working on cleaning up the background of the Cherry Blossom  ( more pics to come later this week!  )  I ran into a snag when eraser wouldn’t remove the residual pencil marks from the wood.  A search of the issue on the internet told me to try rubbing alcohol.  The background though also had a bunch of cement blobs that were mucking it up and I’d thought I’d need to use sandpaper to get those off.  Not looking forward to this as there were some tight areas to get into.  Putting off the sandpaper, and buying the rubbing alcohol first, I discovered that not only did it remove the pencil marks quickly but also removed the residual cement!  Score!!  Easy removal, quick clean of my board and it looks fantastic!  Small discovery, easy implementation, exponential happiness!

Small discovery #2, sometimes it is hard to find a suitable surface to put mosaics on, mosaics are heavy, the backing needs to be solid and thick enough to not warp.   When I lived in the US the choices were plentiful and easy to order.  Living in Canada now it is harder to find what I want, I no longer own a saw to cut my own boards,  and shipping from the US to here is crazy expensive so not a good option.  Everything in Canada is so much more expensive than the US.  So imagine my excitement at finding Wediboard (a funky type of composite foam/fiberglass/concrete product) not only in Canada, but Montreal (just 2.5 hours away and a city we go to often) and CHEAPER!  yes cheaper by about $30 than in the US!!  Super excitement, small discovery, major increase in happiness and ease in my mosaic life!!

These may seem like silly small things to be so excited about, but think we need to focus on these little positivities in life more.  Focus more on enjoying that Sunday morning coffee on the deck outside in the summer, enjoying that lovely summer evening walk with a friend, thrill in the discovery of the new hard candy from the bulk store!  ( <– my sweet tooth also became exponentially happier this weekend )  Big goals and successes are great but it is relishing with verve in these little discoveries and small nice moments that make everyday happiness.

Keep up with me this week, more pictures will be posted of the Cherry Blossom, it is the goal to finish it before Friday for sure!

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