Trunk and branches finished!

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Cherry Blossom Tree, Mosaic Work Update
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Goal for this week was to finish the trunk and branches of the Cherry Blossom tree and am happy to report the goal has been reached!  I’ll confess a tiny secret – the project was technically started before this week, so while I’d love for you to think I got all this done “wham bam thank you ma’am” style, well it just wasn’t that way.  Don’t want to set you up with false pretenses for the speed of my next project!  Creating mosaics (for me at least) takes some time.

Anyways – the Cherry Blossom tree is NOT finished yet, but the trunk and branches are, a few pics are included below.  Please note that the background is messy, the board hasn’t been cleaned up or stained yet so you may see some marks on it or globs of cement that won’t be there later.  But this is part of the fun in following the progress of the project, right?  See it through all its’ iterations!  Up next – putting on the blossoms themselves.  It will be nice to work with fun pink now instead of just shades of brown.  Though I must admit I kind of really like the tree this way without blossoms, it is nice in its’ brown simplicity.




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