The Cherry Blossom Tree begins…

Cherry Blossom Trees are just so darn beautiful.  Earlier this year there was an article about how it was the 100th anniversary of the Cherry Blossom gift from Japan to Washington DC.  This prompted a lot of surfing around looking at Cherry Blossom in bloom pictures which led to me to pictures of Cherry Blossom tattoos ( I always love a good tattoo ) and got me pondering maybe I should get a Cherry Blossom tree on my body, but couldn’t figure out a good place it would fit.

So – decided instead to satisfy my craving by making a mosaic of one!   Here’s the rough drawing I made up of the tree itself (sans blooms).


It will be put on a nice little precut board I found that already had lovely    routed edges so it won’t need to be framed.   Going to do this piece a little different, not mosaic in the whole thing, just do the tree and blossoms – leave the background as is, no mosaic tiles filling it in.  Give it a tiny bit of a 3-D effect.  Maybe it will be totally yuck this way, but am going to give it a shot!

A bit of progress has already been made, here’s a couple close up shots of two areas.  The piece is being made from Italian Smalti ( from the amazing Orsoni! ) What is Smalti you ask?  More on that topic another day, for now we’ll define it as a special type of glass, but not stained glass.

Keep up with me this week!  Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have more progress pics to share with you!


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