What’s this blog for?

I’ve debated doing a blog for years.  Often I don’t think anyone cares what others have to say nor is a personal blog often interesting to anyone except the blogger, and as an insanely private person a blog has seemed scary and felt like too much exposure.  So why in the world after all that would I keep writing?

Because this blog will be about accountability for me.  Blogs are only worthwhile if the blogger keeps updating it.  In order to update this blog, I’ve got to be producing mosaic work and not slack off!

Mosaics have been important to me for 10 years now.  A few years ago I had a good streak of production going and was happy about my progress.  The last 2 years, life has change dramatically and time and energy for mosaics fell to the wayside.  I spent the last year in school learning French full time, I’ve moved countries, my family structure is unrecognizable from 2 years ago, virtually none of the items around my house are the same.  Only my dog, some clothes and a few knick knacks remain the same.  Life took some big changes, good changes, but time consuming ones that left little over for creativity.

The next 6 months though – it has been decided – will be devoted to a full force return to mosaics!

Some exciting things will be happening in the fall ( stayed tuned to find out what they are! ).  I’ve got some rough ideas for next mosaics as well and will posting regular updates along with photos.

Many photos of my past work (current work too) are posted on my website, www.mercedesmosaics.com but this blog will contain more “in progress” detail pictures and regular updates on upcoming projects, thoughts and more.

Join me on my next 6 months of adventure and hopefully, if all goes as planned, there will be some good work come out of it!

5 thoughts on “What’s this blog for?

  1. Wow, yet another talent on display, writing. Am impressed by how much the blog reflects your real voice. And I am learning. Nice to see the cherry tree. As with most things in life, things happen when they are supposed to, so nice to see it finished for the celebration of the cherry trees in D.C. I remember walking there in the spring when we lived there and maybe you have a hidden memory in your mind from your early childhood days that puts your love for them more forward than for some other people. Keep up the good work and the accountability. MAMA


  2. The saint is back! Whoot! Whoot! Happy creating and I will be watching for new pics. Remember to put a ruler next to pieces so we can see the actual size. Oh, and will blog subscribers be in line for mosaic gifts? LOL!


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